Care Night Time Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine
Skincare Routine

After a long day at work dealing with different assignments, most of us will be more than happy to jump right into bed for some restful sleep. However, dermatologists and skin care professionals recommend the direct opposite. If you want to keep your skin healthy and looking younger, it is important to take some time before you sleep and give it some tender loving and care. During the day the skin is exposed to a host of harmful factors including harsh weather, makeup and pollution. Its only chance of rejuvenation before the next day’s exposure to the same factors is the nighttime thus the emphasis on a care night time skincare routine.

Why is Care Night Time Skin Care Routine so Important?

During the night as we sleep our bodies, and to be more specific the cells in the body go into overdrive to repair the day’s damage. Research findings indicate that our cells are actively trying to restore the skin’s health as we sleep and with some assistance can have splendid results. This means that by taking some time, mostly a few minutes before you sleep for simple care night time skincare routine you can be able to prime the skin for better rejuvenation. Below we will look at some useful night time skincare routine tips.

Make up removal

If you were to jump right into bed without removing the day’s makeup using the best care night time skincare routine, you would end up inflicting extensive damage to your skin. The make-up rubs against your skin all night stretching your pores and creating fine lines on the skin. This results in a more aged look that no one wants. Ensure that you remove all the day’s makeup using oil based make-up removers to avoid tugging your skin and then finish this off with applying a gentle skin cleanser.

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Boost Collagen
Collagen is essential in keeping the skin tight thereby eliminating fine lines and keeping pores as small as possible. It is said that if collagen production never decreases in the body, our skin would never age but rather maintain a youthful look. However, the reality is that as we age the production of collagen decreases, by applying a retinoid you can be able to stimulate the production of collagen and hence keep the skin tight.

Dark circles around the eyes can also be eliminated or minimized through exercising a proper care night time skincare routine. Dark circles usually form because the skin around them is usually thinner than around other parts of the face. You can use an eye cream to repair this light skin and even lighten any dark circles present.